It’s ‘cause I love you. I want you to feel it.
— Megan Marino, on feeding people

This poem is a thank you to one of my best friends, Megan Marino, for a delicious homemade brunch that hit every note.

It’s what I think when I look you up and down.

I feel your love on my palate/
I feel your love in my gut.

You are sweet heat
honey with chili flakes
over oven-fried goodness.
You burn so good.
When you toss your head back
and laugh, you are bright
as the sun in my eyes.

You are tantalizing comfort
black pepper biscuits
and homemade jam
sweet, tart, and savory with
ginger, berry, rosemary.
You tickle me.
With a song or a dance,
you radiate beauty/you buzz.

You are delicate and bold
thin sharp prosciutto
enfolded in crepes.
I’m wrapped up in you.
When you gaze my way,
I’m glad to gaze back.

You are natural and elegant
apple and blood orange
swished with Prosecco
in a brand new glass.
You intrigue and refresh.
When you speak,
You speak truth.

You say “friends are happy
when friends are happy.”
You are delicious/
I am sated.

Megan has worked as a baker at Blondie’s Bake Shop in Huntington, NY and is the blogger behind How to Cook a Mockingbird.