After a season of so much change, it felt like it was time for a change with my writing. When I started this blog, I was a 24-year-old newlywed. I had been at my job for a couple of years, but not out of the nest for very long. I was creating our first home, learning the ropes in our kitchen, joining the grown-ups’ table. Now, a few years later, I’m sitting at the table in our very own house, my career is moving forward at lightning speed, and I’m the godmother to my amazing first niece. I wanted a new word that meant something to me, that captured where I am in life, and I kept circling around setting. Embracing a new setting. Setting new goals. And still, of course, setting the table. 

Our apartment in Astoria treated us beautifully for four and a half years. We adorned those four little rooms with everything we are and everything we love. We hosted our first family dinners and game nights with friends. We had amazing coffee, eclectic food, and bar trivia just around the corner any night of the week. We had ritual Saturday morning walks to the farm on the roof. We had tiny Christmas trees and kept our string lights up all year long. It was the perfect start to our marriage, and I wouldn’t change a thing about those years. This is a thank you to Phase One. ♥


But when we found a new opportunity to take this step forward, we shocked ourselves with how quickly we jumped at it. We went to an open house in Corona and found ourselves making an offer. Days later, it was accepted. A month later, we were packing up our apartment into a moving truck and holding our new keys. It was weeks of mulling, number crunching, coming to grips with leaving our comfortable setting, and praying not to jinx any of it. It was fast, and it was emotional, but it felt right.


Since then, we’ve been transforming this house into home, making it our own very particular brand of weird and warm. Come on in.

This will be good.